Grinding Technology

Tungsten carbide coatng lip

Mitsubishi Materials offers next generation tungsten carbide Coating Lips, as well as traditional stainless steel, to meet the most rigorous of industry needs.

Tungsten carbide coatng lip

Super finish grinding of tungsten ca


  • Micro-level edge sharpness
  • Zero burr carbide edge
  • Consistency in surface roughness utilizing proprietary mechanical grinding

Comparison of surface roughness

Tungsten Carbide Stainless Steel Under
Under Rz0.1μm Under Rz0.2μm
  • Straightness of upper Coating Lip edge 1μm/m
  • Coating Lip is offered in both tungsten carbide and stainless steel.

Inner surface

Precise attention is given to the surface roughness and straightness of the inner surface to match the consistency and accuracy of the Coating Lip.

● Features

  • Consistency in surface roughness utilizing proprietary mechanical grinding (Grinding only)
  • Straightness of inner surface 1μm/m

Inner surface of slot die

Mirror surface of slot die


Mitsubishi Materials realizes the crucial impact of manifold design in slot die coating performance. Manifold design is perfected through fully simulated fluid analysis.

● Features

  • Surface Roughness : Under Rz0.2μm
  • Manifold Design utilizing computer-aided Fluid Analysis

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